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Elisha R. Goodman
Senior Analyst


Elisha R. Goodman is a Strategist, Urban Planner, and Community and Economic Development Professional at BJH with an excellent track record in project design and delivery.  She has almost 20 years of experience in strategic planning, participatory planning, business startup and management, economic development, and innovation.

Elisha is the Co-founder of 4 companies and has served as Project Manager and held executive positions ranging from President to COO.  She has worked extensively with nonprofits, community organizations, and startups on strategic planning, capacity building, and project visioning and execution.  Elisha draws on her background in grassroots community organizing and entrepreneurship to develop strategy with collaborative teams in an inclusive way.  She has significant experience with community partnerships and relationship management.

As an urban planning and economic development professional, Elisha has conducted market and financial feasibility analysis, economic impact analysis, real estate analysis, strategic planning, fieldwork design and management, stakeholder outreach, implementation planning, and public facilitation and engagement.  Elisha also has a wide breadth of experience with the startup ecosystem as both an innovator and an advisor.

Her recent projects at BJH include economic impact analysis and project management.  Prior to joining BJH, Elisha served as an independent Urban Planning and Economic Development Consultant.  In 2017, the Lead Agricultural Economist for the World Bank commissioned Elisha to conduct research and reporting on the financial and technical feasibility of water saving agricultural technologies.  In 2016 and 2017, as an Urban Planner in New York City, Elisha led a series of public engagement meetings outlining EIS, CEQR, and project development scenarios for a large-scale development in Lower Manhattan.

While at MIT, as part of an economic development strategic planning team for the City of Portland, Maine, Elisha conducted sector analysis, institutional analysis, stakeholder interviews, and led focus groups and used these to create an economic development strategy and implementation plan for the food sector in Portland.