Nicolas Yardas


Nicolas joined BJH in May 2019, after earning a dual degree in World Politics and Classical Languages from Hamilton College. 

Since joining BJH, Nicolas has contributed to a market study of hotels and retail stores in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and office spaces in Brooklyn and property tax analysis of hotels and offices across the five-borough area. Nicolas provides clients with visual interpretations of real estate, demographic, and sectoral data to illustrate the dynamics between significant data points. 

Prior to BJH, Nicolas was a co-founder of The Co. Operation, a co-living startup that targeted revitalizing secondary and tertiary markets. Nicolas created competitor and best practices reports that identified the most effective co-living models and analyzed real estate and demographic data at the national, regional, and local level to drive decisions about where to focus the company’s efforts. He also copy-edited the company’s business plan, pitch decks, and website to ensure brand consistency. For his World Politics thesis at Hamilton College, Nicolas analyzed how global arms transfers of autonomous and unmanned weapons technologies among 50 distinct countries can be used to track the escalation of violence and increasing involvement of states such as China and Russia in the Middle East and North Africa.