Mount Sinai Consolidated Funding Application (2018-2019)

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Mount Sinai has engaged BJH to provide economic development advisory services and assist it in applying for the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) as well as for the New York City Economic Development Corporation Hub RFEI and the Applied R&D Facility RFEI and RFP. The applications to public partners have encompassed a range of projects, including rehabilitation of existing structures into state-of-the-art dry lab facilities to new construction and rehab facilities for combined medical services, administrative and wet-lab activities – for both institutional and commercial R&D – at several locations across its campus. All of the projects are anticipated to expand Mount Sinai's Life Sciences cluster in East Harlem and Upper Manhattan generally. The research components at all project locations included complimentary in-house incubator for corporate ventures in the field. The Applied R&D Facility response conceives of wet-lab investments that will advance commercial therapies to encourage growth of the life sciences sector in New York City. BJH has acted as a key liaison between Mount Sinai and all public partners, including vetting budgets and funding structures, providing review and feedback on design and program, and establishing key success measures/criteria that are achievable for Mount Sinai.