Creedmoor Psychiatric Center Redevelopment Study (2014-2015)


BJH was the project manager and prime consultant for the State of New York, managing a multi-disciplinary team in the study of existing conditions, the creation of redevelopment scenarios, and the evaluation of land use, environmental and financial feasibility of those scenarios for the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital Campus in eastern Queens.  The surplus property under evaluation exceeds 50 acres on a campus that will continue to have medical, social service, and psychiatric uses.  The project team conducted community outreach and a detailed market analysis in order to formulate three potential redevelopment scenarios. The three redevelopment scenarios focused on three distinct priorities: growing the existing residential neighborhood with new housing that reflects the scale of the surrounding community, maximizing affordable housing, and creating a mixed-use community that maximizes job opportunities. BJH then tested the financial feasibility of each scenario and coordinated a team that developed a physical model for each scenario and explored the infrastructure and environmental feasibility of each scenario.