New York State Regional Food Hub Study (2015)


The New York State Regional Food Hub Task Force, comprised of the Office of Governor Cuomo, the New York City Mayor’s Office, Empire State Development, New York State Department of Agriculture, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, was established to address the challenges associated with connecting upstate farms to the New York City market. The Task Force hired a team of consultants to analyze the potential for regional food hubs that focus on improving distribution channels for small and mid-sized farms and advancing equity along the food supply chain. BJH Advisors provided real estate analysis to help the Task Force determine whether a food hub is financially feasible in the outer boroughs of New York City. BJH prepared a gap analysis based on typical food hub space and price requirements, market rents, and available subsidies and incentives, and conducted sensitivities to test alternate scenarios. The analysis estimated the subsidy a Food Hub may require to successfully operate in New York City.