North Shore of Staten Island Cultural Economic Impact Analysis (2017)


BJH was engaged by Design Trust for Public Space to assist with analysis for its Future Culture: Connecting Staten Island’s Waterfront project, which aims to provide a set of recommendations to strengthen culture and enhance the waterfront on Staten Island’s rapidly developing North Shore.  BJH conducted an economic impact analysis of the arts and cultural sector on the North Shore.  The analysis included direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts driven by a broad cross section of organizations contributing to culture in the area including arts and cultural organizations, community organizations engaged in arts and cultural activities, maritime businesses in connection to the area’s heritage as a maritime hub, individual artists, recreational spaces, and independently owned food businesses on Staten Island’s North Shore.  The analysis examined the impact of these sectors on the economies of both Staten Island and New York City.  BJH also conducted a real estate market analysis to compare historic supply and demand for the retail, office, and industrial markets on the North Shore and Staten Island as a whole.