Stanford University (2011)


BJH worked together as part of a multi-disciplinary team of architects and development consultants for Stanford University to prepare its proposal for the Applied Sciences Campus competition in New York City.  The City had identified new university facilities concentrating in technology and engineering as a key economic development initiative, and sponsored an RFP for development of the Applied Sciences campus.  Stanford University was a leading proposal for this initiative, with a green, sustainable development program proposed for a portion of Roosevelt Island.

BJH assisted the University by preparing a fiscal impact analysis of Stanford’s proposal, including estimates of tax revenues from payroll, commuter tax, property tax, and user fees.  BJH prepared project cost and revenue estimates for each phase of the project, based on assumptions for faculty and employees provided by the University.  BJH also profiled available tax incentive programs and estimated their effect on Stanford’s bottom line.

The Stanford proposal was a finalist, but the University withdrew its bid after initial negotiations.