1. Real Estate Planning

BJH provides public and private entities with real estate planning services, including land use, market and financial analysis, as well as project management.  We have been the lead firm for large planning studies where we assembled and managed a comprehensive team of professional firms including architects, engineers and construction managers.  We also regularly advise clients on solutions for individual assets, including highest and best use analysis, repositioning, and market demand / competitive site analysis.

2. Financial Analysis

BJH works with property owners to analyze and structure development options. Our team can measure the value of assets in an as-is condition, and identify opportunities to create value through repositioning, new development, creative financing structures, and by accessing public funding sources.  Financial analysis may include creation of capital budget, debt and operating models, as well as sensitivity analysis and scenario comparison for different construction or use strategies. 

3. Economic Development Policy

BJH assists public sector clients refine policy goals and determine optimal program or transaction structures. We can assist in developing project narratives and other necessary supporting documentation, including analysis of potential benefits and costs. BJH can also evaluate policy implementation issues, such as financial feasibility, eligibility guidelines, participant requirements, incentives alignment, enforcement, as well as non-financial risks and opportunities. Our team has the capacity to research complex financial and programmatic issues, including the structuring and manipulation of large data sets, and to develop recommendations that are backed by rigorous statistical, financial, demographic, land use, and policy analysis.

4. Fiscal and Economic Impacts

BJH can estimate the potential fiscal and economic impacts of capital and real estate projects, as well as policy initiatives and large-scale development, in the New York metropolitan area and within New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

5. Development Advisory

We provide a variety of services to developers, including site selection, public RFP response services, team assembly, project management, underwriting, assistance with community support and tenant/commercial strategies, assistance with identification of capital sources, deal structuring, incentives analysis and applications, approvals analysis and strategy.  We also provide site assembly and brokerage services.  In a complex urban environment we can provide clients with a comprehensive strategy of outreach and management of public sector actors and community outreach.

6. Incentives

We are one of the premier consultancies in the New York City metropolitan region in the areas of incentives strategy and applications.  We help clients estimate, structure and apply for as-of-right and discretionary incentives and benefits from a variety of government agencies and programs.

7. Infrastructure Feasibility and Tax Analysis

BJH is one of the premier consultancies in New York City in the areas of tax liability estimation, analysis of the impact of potential changes to tax policy, and assisting clients in structuring projects to obtain the most beneficial tax treatment. BJH has advised governmental agencies on how to tailor regulatory and tax-policy changes in a way that most efficiently achieves the desired policy outcome. BJH also has an expertise in structuring and estimating the potential for district finance and value-capture mechanisms.